Lana Pastirk
Exhibition of Lana Pastirk's works
Judgement Tower

The exhibition is open on Wednesday and Friday between 14:30 and 16:30 and on Saturday between 10:00 and 12:00

The exhibition presents three spatial layouts and some individual works that deal with different human emotional states. The spatial arrangement of the New Bird and the relief of the Gray Predator were created based on the artist's understanding of Dane Zajc's poem Črni deček. In the artistic interpretation, he preserves the surrealistic images that the poet imagined to express his inner states, changing them according to his idea. In the poem, he understands the feeling of being trapped as the main emotional state. The Black Girl is a mosaic with which, like its title, the artist indicates her identification with the poet's feelings of being trapped in creation. The work is a portrait of her process of working with ceramics. The process of creation is also brought to the fore in the installation The Third Report on Creation, in which the viewer finds the artist's fictitious studio.

Meanwhile, the upper floor of the gallery, with the spatial arrangement of the figures, turns into a cafe area where regular guests sit. From sitting, they transform into chairs on which they sit, and into tables, from which they sometimes oversleep, and vice versa. The chairs they sit on daily change into themselves. In their interactions, we recognize different interpersonal relationships, as well as people's relationships with objects, their addictions, and the related problems in which they are trapped.

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