Deep Blue

The created light space is a rare opportunity where we can put down the weight of the world, surrender to the deep blue and look at ourselves in a wave of serenity.
Judgement Tower

Deep BLUE encourages sincerity and contemplation in perceptive sensuality and reflects our own image back to us. Nina Šulin is a weaver of space, who spontaneously, in relation to space and moment, creates a vein of floating foundations with the construction of striped weaving. Natalija R. Črnčec enters the field of woven veins with painted balls and establishes the body of the space. At the junction of the two worlds, a portal opens into the deep blue, which suddenly transcends the boundaries of structure and body and becomes a boundless and weightless space of subtle sensibility of the senses. The shifting gaze of the eye paints an endless, changing image of images imprinted on our memory as we float through space.

Sensual visibility is joined by the sound world of Juneshelen, which embraces and permeates the entire space, and the worlds begin to merge into each other. In this way, we are moved into the retreat and depth of blue by three worlds that merge into one core and at its junction give life force to the light space. The light space gains from its own aura, self-sustainability and presence. It comes to life and beats on its own, returning the gaze to the viewer's eyes and heart. You are at every step and moment. The existence of sensitivity and individual reality is directed not at the expectation, but only at the existing being. The connection between the living light space and the viewer, which was established for a short time in the Court Tower on the left bank of the Drava River, invites the viewer to enter deep into BLUE.

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