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Puppet Theatre Maribor
Modern programme

Welcome to Minoriti - an urban hub where we offer content for visitors of all ages, encourage creativity and nurture children's curiosity.

Since 2010, the Minorite monastery has been the home of the Maribor Puppet Theatre, which strives to provide a modern programme of puppetry art with a wide range of cultural and educational content - mainly in the Grand and Small Hall. Its rich history and range of aesthetics is on display at the Maribor Puppet Museum.

Minorite Church
Unique location

Family visits are also enriched by the unique location of the Minoriti, which combines history, cultural heritage and outstanding architectural solutions in the renovation and transformation of the premises into venues for cultural events.

The complex also includes the Minorite Church, an important and interesting building block of Maribor's history. The Minorite trail leads through the old corridors and cellars, all the way to the church, which was completely renovated between 2014 and 2015 and is believed to have once been Maribor's first parish church. Today, it is mainly used for music and sound-oriented events.

Caught in a web of stories

A mighty oak tree reigns in the inner courtyard, in the former monastery garden. It towers over the
Auditorium's grandstand and is the oldest tree growing within the Old Town. The Auditorium (co-)uses the stage of the Grand Hall by opening the iron curtain. It hosts music, theatre, dance and cinema contents. The Judgement Tower, which originally served as a defence tower and was built to protect the south-western part of the city from invaders, also hosts this type of content. There are several versions of the origin of the name, one of which is that it was named after the judgments during the witch hunts. 

Lutkovni zajec in samostanska miš
Wonderful experiences for the whole family

All these very interesting stories and paths intertwine in the renovated Vojašniški Square, which enriches Maribor's cultural heritage and brings together old building structures that have been restored to their charm. The oldest part of the city, enriched with programmes, offers wonderful experiences for the whole family. Playfulness, conviviality and creativity meet here.

Events for families

Aug 17 / Sat
Aug 18 / Sun
Kamišibaj na otoku
Aug 21 / Wed
Good Morning Meadow
Aug 23 / Fri
Good Morning Meadow
Aug 24 / Sat
Aug 25 / Sun
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The LGM Box Office is open every Tuesday to Friday between 9 am and 1 pm, each Friday between 4 pm and 6 pm, each Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm and one hour before each event.
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