Program diversity

On Saturdays from February 25 to April 25, the Great Hall of the Maribor Puppet Theater becomes a city cinema: a sophisticated film selection of award-winning, recognizable, original titles is on display. We also intertwine animated images: we cooperate with the Stoptrik, Dokudoc and Enimation festivals, and in cooperation with the Society for the Development of Film Culture we create the Annual Cinema program.

Film v Minoritih
Professionally designed program

We renamed the former "Film Sundays (and Saturdays) in Lutkovno" to Film v Minoritih, a professional selection of the Film in Maribor consortium. With recognized projects and festivals such as Stoptrik, Dokudoc, Letni kino Minoriti, Enimation, Projektor, Consortium Film and Maribor, it forms a team of individuals who combine experience in the field of screening, education and film production.

Film in Minoriti fulfills the task of a city cinema and offers a quality, non-commercial film offer for all generations, which is joined by film-educational and educational programs.

Encouraging film education of the audience

Film v Minoritih is devoted to quality original films and establishes a programming diversity of film content that is not primarily created for entertainment. It also implements and promotes film education of the audience in the local environment. It offers a curated film program and accompanying content such as talks with authors, film workshops, and dialogue about the film, and above all, it represents the central space for film in the city.

The program is holistically approaching the idea of ​​a city cinema. It contains various genres and lengths of films, as it follows the popularization of film culture with the goal of regular cinema visits and is set in accordance with the mission of the European network of cinemas Europa Cinemas, whose main points of action are: attracting diverse audiences to cinemas with an emphasis on young audiences, supporting European cinema, exchange at national and European level, preservation and enrichment of film heritage.

Movie evenings are provided by the Municipality of Maribor.

Events for families

Speckles the Ball
Mar 15 / Fri
Speckles the Ball
Mar 16 / Sat
Crumbs from Mouse Valley
Apr 05 / Fri
Crumbs from Mouse Valley
Apr 06 / Sat
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