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The Minorite Monastery was built in the 13th century and is the only monastery in the city that dates back to the Middle Ages. When it was abolished during the Josephine reforms in 1784, it became a barracks, and after 1927 it housed apartments and warehouses. It has been empty since 2004 and has been deteriorating unstoppably, then in 2007 the renovation began, and three years later the Maribor Puppet Theater was placed in it. Inside the monastery there are venues:

Great Hall

The Great Hall serves as the central hall of the complex, surrounded by a two-story cross corridor. Placing the stage on the western side of the former monastery courtyard is key to the spatial concept of the theater inside the former cloister.

Number of seats: 182/273

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Small Hall

The Small Hall is located on the first floor in the northeast corner of the monastery complex. It is intended for smaller performances that seek closer contact between the audience and the performers. On the ceiling, you can see the reconstruction of stucco, which was discovered during the renovation.

Number of seats: 48/72

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The Auditorium is located in the former monastery garden and (co)uses the stage of the Great Hall by opening the iron curtain. The stage is suitable for the performance of music, theater, and dance content on the outdoor tribune, over which a mighty oak tree hangs. Since 2017, the auditorium has been an excellent venue for the annual cinema Letni kino Minoriti.

Number of seats: 520


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