Amaya and Uroš Perić Perry

Duration: 1 h 15 min
Last concert Cheek to Cheek

The year is 1950. Imagine that you are sitting in your best and favorite job at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York, the scents of perfume, cigars, and cognac mingle in the air. Your body is intoxicated by soul/blues/jazz melodies in the harmony of two velvety voices, which seductively invite you into the world of feelings and memories, which, at least at that moment, seem as familiar and full of longing as you would have experienced before.

The "Cheek to cheek" concert is a musical treat by two of the most prominent soul performers of black music on home soil, who have already convinced the world's biggest musical names with their charisma and superb performance (Quincy Jones, Sheila Raye Charles, Jacob Collier, Ernie Watts... ). The two close musical friends joined forces and crowned their love for African-American music with an extraordinary evening of music.

Uroš Perić, an excellent and unique musician, pianist, arranger, lyricist, artist in the full sense of the word, is famous as an exceptional vocalist and interpreter of songs from the golden age of blues, jazz and soul. He is one of the most prolific and successful Slovenian musicians at home and abroad. World music critics called him one of the few whites who possesses the vocals, style and soul of black musicians.

Maja Keuc started her musical career at the age of 17 and was immediately recognized as one of the most promising voices in Slovenia. In 2011, she represented her homeland at the Eurovision Song Contest and achieved the best Slovenian ranking so far. In cooperation with the Ensemble for the advancement of music and poetry - PAPIR, she released the album Po viharju, which was the most played album in 2010. She honed her musical skills at the conservatory of music in Rotterdam, where she graduated with honors in 2016. In her third year, she also studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She moved to Sweden, where she quickly raised a lot of dust in the music industry there. After the release of her first international debut, Fairytales, she received an invitation from the Baggpipe publishing house, which works under the mentorship of one of the most successful songwriters, Anders Bagg. She started writing and collaborating with established Swedish and international performers, producers and songwriters, and she is also responsible for a good number of mega hits in Korean K-pop, which is currently taking the world by storm.

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