Duration: 1 H
32. Open Dance Scene

You are invited to an interweaving of interesting author’s dance-film collaborations.

In the evening of dance films, we gathered some authors who in the past years approached the medium of dance through a film lens in a unique way. The topics range from exploring the body's relationship with nature, the layered essence of viewing, the weaving of relationships through space, the question of nothingness and expression through singing, movement and speech, and movement-sound improvisational images.

1. GAEA - Aja Zupanec in Iza Skok (9 min 25 s)
2. INFUSION WITH MYSELF – Žigan Krajnčan & Borut Bučinel (4 min 30 s)
3. SPECIAL EDITION – Andreja Podrzavnik (6 min)
4. PERMANENT EXHIBITION OF NOWNESS  – Kolektiv Federacija  & Vid Hajnšek (16 min)
5. TOUCH TISSUE TEXTURE – Anja Bornšek, Snježana Premuš, Hana Vodeb (8 min)

Expert selection of films: Snježana Premuš 

The Open Dance Scene is a festival of contemporary dance art, where we seek intersections between younger and already established artists, between their conceptually and expressively diverse performances that convince, inspire and culturally enrich the audience. It is a dance platform for networking dance creativity, originality, boldness, and successful international integration. This year, the main focus is on young dance talents, on the young generation of dance makers who, despite their youth, impress with their creative and performative maturity.

“Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul” Martha Graham.

Production and realisation: Festival Lent, Narodni dom Maribor, Javni Sklad RS za kulturne dejavnosti, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
Executive production: Minka Veselič Kološa

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