Andrej Hrvatin - Nimetu: Singulari-ti

Duration: 1 H 30 MIN
A concert of ambient "world" music

A rich primal sound world of traditional and modern musical instruments and sound systems.

Andrej Hrvatin, under the pseudonym Nimetu, has been researching the direct effect of music on the change of consciousness for many years, which he calls the "sound entheogen". In a solo concert with a looper and many exotic instruments, including percussion, wind instruments, electronic instruments and effects, he creates a varied mixture of multi-layered soundscapes and complex polyrhythmic structures, which can also lead to hypnagogic and trance states.

In recent years, he has released a series of albums for the American label Hemi-Sync, MD. Hero's Journey, Enter the Hive, Vortex, and collaborated with the internationally renowned percussionist Byron Metcalf, and he is also active on the local scene, in stage music and production for local ethnic and jazz musicians. His album Vrtise was released last year by the Slovenian label Sanje.
Website: www.nimetu.org

Ticket price in advance: 10 EUR, on the day of the concert 12 EUR

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