Conversation: Darka Tancer-Kajnih

Duration: 1.5 h

Darka Tancer–Kajnih is a long-time editor of the magazine Otrok in knjiga, which has its domicile in the Maribor Library. This is the only Slovenian professional magazine for issues of youth literature, literary education and book-related media. This year, it celebrates 50 years of publication. Darka Tancer-Kajnih is also a well-known organizer of various professional events in the field of youth literature and moderator of numerous literary meetings. For outstanding achievements in the development of reading culture at the national level, this year she received a gold award from the Reading Badge Society of Slovenia and a special thank you from the Slovenian section of IBBY.

The director of the Maribor Library, Dragica Turjak, will discuss the common path and work with the guest.

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