De Liri: About Us

Duration: 1 h 20 min
Presentation of the new album

The group De Liri consists of Zala Kores on vocals and Julija Veleski Kores on harp and backing vocals. They play their own arrangements of songs from a wide variety of musical genres, from pop, rock and all the way to country, and we also strive to highlight the harp, otherwise a classical instrument, in a different light. They also create original music, which is a mixture of pop and alter music.

Presentation of the new album "About Us".

˝You two should make some love songs!˝ It's a phrase they've heard from countless people countless time. And they listened to them! "About Us" are songs about Zala and Julia, about you, about everyone who loves and is loved. About good and less good moments.

The songs got their shape with the help of Renato Volker's lyrics and Aleš Maurič's musical production, and the final mix of the songs goes to Martin Bezjak.

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