Duration: 1 H 30 MIN

Eva Pavli's music takes us into intimate sound worlds that the artist draws with her gentle vocals and confessional lyrics. It would be hard to find a musical artist who sounds similar, which is a rarity nowadays. And this is exactly what led the artist to not try to interfere with reference models, but to follow herself and her inner impulses. In the background of her performances, visualizations are played, which are crucial for the artist, as they carry important messages and represent the visual aspect of her music.

Eva Pavli represents a breath of fresh air in the Slovenian music scene. You could say that she is a holistic artist, as she graduated from two academies, Music - majoring in classical solo singing and Art - majoring in painting. For the first time, she presented herself to a wider audience with an original composition created for the European Volleyball Championship 2019, with which she also performed in the large Bercy Hall in Paris.

Recently, she has established herself as a quality performer of alternative pop music. Two of her compositions were on the list of the most played last year on radio Val 202. As a unique artist she likes to switch between different media, her specialty is that she does most things herself - she writes music and lyrics and works on her visual image like a painter, as well as video visualizations that complement her performance.

Her latest project, Happiness, was presented by Eva Pavli in Ljubljana's Cukrarna. With the concert, she presented her new EP, a new short feature film for which she wrote the script, prepared a painting exhibition with her paintings and, in collaboration with the young poet Zala Neža Zajc, also presented a poetry collection with illustrations. She released two singles last year and is currently preparing a new record in collaboration with producer Hugo Smeh. On stage, Eva Pavli will be joined by the already famous and excellent; multi-instrumentalist Martin Vogrin and percussionist Žiga Petrič.

This time's concert will be a mix of new and previously heard original compositions in a new sound guise spiced up with string quartets written by the composer Gašper Murovec.

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