GIANTS_plastic landscape

Duration: 45 min
an audio-visual dance performance for the whole family

This ecologically critical performance is aimed at both adults and children. It shows the consequences of human actions on one side of the planet and the other (the butterfly effect theory). Through a poetic, dance-visual composition, it raises awareness of how discarded waste contributes to the breaking of icebergs, climate change and the creation of islands of plastic in the ocean.

Concept, choreography and visual design Ajda Tomazin
Co-creation and dance Špela Premelč
Original music Drejc Pogačnik, Sašo Tepina
Space and costume design Ajda Tomazin
Help with scenography Gall Močnik
Consultation and light design Anže Virant  
Recording and editing video Črt Štrubelj
Photography Mirta Zajc, Maša Pirc / Layerjeva hiša
Production ODPRTI PREDALI, zavod za sodobne interdisciplinarne procese Kranj
Co-production Hiša otrok in umetnosti Ljubljana, Zavod Carnica (Layerjeva hiša)
With the support of the Municipality Kranj in Ajda Tomazin

Ajda Tomazin graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She studied film and TV editing at the AGRFT in Ljubljana and received her MA in Choreography and Performance from the University of Giessen in Germany. She works interdisciplinary as a choreographer and designer. She is the author of many projects and performances, a creative collaborator in many creative processes, as well as a pedagogue. What is specific about her, is that she contributes complex concepts to projects, that include choreography and design, and these qualities are inscribed in the original performances, the quality of which is increasingly recognized by the wider international professional public. In 2019 she was the recipient of the national Ksenija Hribar Award for outstanding achievements in the field of contemporary dance arts, in 2020 she received the Meta Vidmar Award for outstanding achievements in the field of contemporary dance, and received the Audience Award at GIBANICA 2021.

Glaciers carry an unimaginable memory of the earth's history and when Špela finds herself eventually glued, sunk into it and the waste that it carries, I cannot help but wonder, what, if anything, are we leaving for posterity? And yet, despite this fleeting insight, man does not stop in front of the melted glacier; moreover, Špela's dress is completely transformed into plastic, inflated greed, which also changes her movement in this plastic landscape… The excellent original score by Drejc Pogačnik and Sašo Tepina perfectly replaces the words about climate change that have been heard countless times and have outgrown the regular debate on the issue of plastic waste. With a distinct sound image, they draw the dramaturgy of the performance, which could thus be divided into the story of the glacier, the story of a human being and finally... the story of the cloud.

Nuša Komplet Peperko, Festival ekološkog pozorišta, Bačka Palanka, Serbia
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