Duration: 120 min
a dance installation

Dobra voda/Good Water is one of the coves on the island of Silba. The choreographic work Dobra voda/Good Water starts from an embodied exploration of the history of one’s own creation and the relationship between an individual and a shared experience. Although choreographic, this work also has a strong visual aspect. Abstract forms and sound resulting from movement occasionally take on narrative and symbolic connotations that are immediately dissolved into a transforming continuum. The processes of division, differentiation, transformation and migration have shaped and continue to shape the individual body of each of us, from the moment of conception to the present day, as well as the collective body/the society of which we are a part, to which we bear witness, which we create...

Concept and choreography Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Dance Zvonimir Kvesić, Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović
Paper design based on a motif by Marina Bauer
Dramaturgical support Dubravko Mihanović
Production Multimedijalna koliba (Multimedia Hut), 2020
In collaboration with the Art Education Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.     

Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović (Croatia) is a dance artist, certified SME (Somatic Movement Educator), IDME (Infant Developmental Movement Educator) and CMA–SP (Certified Movement Analyst – Somatic Practitioner). She holds an M.A. degree in Art History and French Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has been working as a writer and choreographer since 2003 and has collaborated with a number of Croatian and foreign authors. Her choreographic work has been strongly influenced by collaborations with artists from various media, especially the visual arts. Since 2007 she has been the artistic co-director of Improspekcije (Improspections), an international improvisation festival in Zagreb, she initiated the SomaHut platform aimed at connecting and exchanging information and benefits of somatic work, and she co-founded the Multimedijalna koliba (Multimedia Hut) organisation. She is a faculty member of the Dance Department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and teaches at the Postgraduate Specialist Study of Creative Therapies at the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek.

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