InterEKO 8 1⁄3

Duration: 2 h
The program between the editions of the EKO art and environment triennial


17.00: Conversation: Stories about houses

Court tower, Pristan 8

Moderated by: Jure Kirbiš

Houses tell stories. About life in them and around them and about myself, about time. During the conversation, we will address various aspects of the life of houses, from the creation and transformation, to the end of the life cycle of the house. We will talk about content, heritage, sustainability and arts programs. We will highlight the learning potential offered by building and caring for the surroundings of houses.


  • JAŠA, artist - The Monuments in Kühlhaus Berlin

  • Simon Zlahtič - Deconstruction of the cimpracha in Jurovske Dol

  • Zvonka T Simčič, Institute of CCC - The house on the hill

  • Bernardka Viher, Library of Franc Ksavra Meška Ormož - Green Library (among the four greenest libraries in the world)

  • Yasmin Martin Vodopivec, International Graphic Art Center Switzerland

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