A Cripples Argument

An autobiographical play by a disabled actor who presents various types and forms of disability with a great deal of self-irony and social criticism.
Kriplov zagovor

The play A Cripples Argument is a continuation of the collaboration between actor and disabled Simon Šerbinek and director Matjaž Latin, who created the successful monodrama Fragility just over a year ago. The monodrama Fragility was based on an essay by the famous French filmmaker Jean-Claude Carirrère, while A cripples argument was based on an autobiographical story by Simon Šerbinek.

A Cripples Argument is a "comedy" that presents the actor's autobiographical story about the rehabilitation and integration of disabled people into society in an original way.

The play deals with different types of disabilities, both physical and mental diagnoses. The actor presented his personal story in a seemingly relaxed manner, with a great deal of social criticism and self-irony.

At the same time, the play opens up and at the same time breaks down various taboos related to disability and touches on painful personal and social topics.

A Cripples Argument is a monodrama subtitled "comedy" and incorporates elements of various genres, from engaging stand-up comedy to documentary realism. The dramaturgy of the play's structure is fragmentary, it constantly involves addressing the audience and interacting with it. The performer tries out various acting techniques, including singing and, despite his disability, also dancing.

Uncovering is definitely of key importance - an honest and intimate presentation of the actor's personal story, which marked his life fatally and stigmatized him. However, despite the loss of both legs, the actor Šerbinek found meaning again, completed two colleges, and started a family.

It is by no means just a matter of providing biographical information, but the performer on stage tries to experience a rebirth and reconciliation with the past.

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