La Fanfarria del Capitan

Duration: 1 H

The Argentinian group La Fanfarria del Capitan travels the world, pushing the boundaries of musical expression. They are natural travelers and storytellers, drawing melodies from all corners of the globe and developing them into a unique and exciting sound. The band plays a special blend of Latin, rock, and Balkan rhythms and is known for its energetic live performances.

Their adaptation of the Italian partisan song Bella Ciao (La Giravida, 2016) unexpectedly reached a wide audience, as it was included on the original soundtrack of the acclaimed Spanish TV series La casa de papel, which was picked up by Netflix in 2017 under the title Money Heist. Their music can also be heard on the original soundtrack of the Russian series The Method.

In June 2023, the band began their thirteenth European tour, presenting their sixth album El Cantomanto (2022). The tour will visit Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, with more than 25 concerts scheduled. Since their founding in 2004, they have traveled from Latin America to Europe, Ukraine, Russia, China, and Japan, playing up to 100 concerts a year.

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