Pranger Translat

Duration: 1 h
Great works of Italian literature in translation

At this year's Translation Pranger, we are returning to the beginning of the 20th century with two great works of Italian literature: the novel Zen's Consciousness, the fictional autobiography of the Italian classic Italo Svevo, and Dino Campana's skillfully open-ended work Orphic Chants, which include both lyric and lyrical prose, and which will be on the throne of the Translating Pranger was also placed for the first time with lyrics. We invite you on a journey through the linguistic bravura of Italian literature and a journey through time that will take us back about a hundred years and just a little across the border to our Italian neighbors in literature and geography.


  • selector dr. Martina Ozbot Currie

  • debater Srečko Fišer

  • translator Gašper Malej

  • moderator dr. Nada Grošelj

Selected parts

  • Dino Campana: Orphic songs (Književno društvo Hiša poezija, 2016; originally Canti orfici, Marradi, 1914)

  • Italo Svevo: Zeno's Consciousness (Studia humanitatis, 2018; originally La coscienza di Zeno, 1923)

The ticket price is 5 EUR (for students and pensioners 4 EUR). Unemployed persons have free entry with a certificate. We will allocate the proceeds from the sale to translation activities.

The Pranger Translat is prepared by KUD Pranger with the support of the Municipality of Maribor and the Public Book Agency of the Republic of Slovenia, with partners: Maribor Puppet Theater, Department of Translation, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor, Maribor Library, Dve luni, Institute for Poetization of the World, Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural center (Liszt Intézet - Magyar Kulturális Központ Ljubljana) and the Italian Cultural Institute (Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Ljubljana).

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