Reading for Life: Last two

Duration: 1 h 30 min
Boštjan Videmšek and Maja Prijatelj Videmšek in conversation by Maribor Library
Zadnja dva

The series of talks Reading for Life ends with the presentation of the book, which was published this year by the UMco publishing house.

The last two: Najin and Fatu: saving a species on the brink of extinction brings the story of the last two representatives of the northern white rhinoceros, who are witnesses of the modern extinction of animal species due to human greed. The work is a hymn to nature conservation, intransigence and coexistence, and raises the hope that science will solve what man has committed. The two authors will be discussed by Dr. Sabina Fras Popović.

The event concludes this year's season of Reading Badges for Adults 2022.

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