Saša Pavček: The Living Fire of Theatre

Duration: 1 H
Book presentation and discussion with the author

During the epidemic, everything went numb, the doors of the theatres were closed. In this frozen time, the actress and writer Saša Pavček, who could not come to terms with a world in which performances are streamed online and actors are squeezed into small squares of screens, looked for her notes and brought back memories of live theatre. She has put them together in a mosaic of thoughtful, suspenseful and humorous stories about her first contact with theatre, her childhood at the Youth Theatre, coping with dyslexia, studying and teaching at the Academy of Performing Arts and Theatre, acting performances, playwriting... She has also added to her memories essays on the artistic word, playwriting, poetry, comedy and tragedy, and fifteen portraits of the theatregoers she has met on stage and backstage. Written with great passion, the book is a paean to the art of theatre and the living energy that flows between actors and audiences. The beauty and spiritual power of the arts bind us together in community and help us reflect on ourselves and the world.

Moderator Zora A. Jurič
Guest Saša Pavček 

Running time 1 hour. No intermission.
In collaboration with the Maribor Library.

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