With a child in the theater

Duration: 1 H 30 MIN

The Maribor Puppet Theater invites you to an expert consultation With a child in the theater, which will be held on World Puppet Day, on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, at 6 p.m. in the Judgement Tower.

We will talk with experts from the fields of education, art, psychology, and pedagogy about the important and responsible role of accompanying children to the theater. Educators, teachers, parents, and everyone else who takes children to the theater have a strong influence on how children experience the arts.

On World Puppet Day, we wonder about the meaning of a child's first entry into art and all subsequent entries. Above all, about the role of an adult companion in this. How to prepare the child for this, how to support him, how to monitor him, what content to choose for him, and how to measure it. We will shed light on the role of art in education, learning, and the child's perception of the world. And how this affects the overall development of the child. We will also talk about the different expectations of creators on the one hand and of educators, pedagogues, and parents on the other.

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